Craig Clevenger is promoting his new book Dermaphoria at 7PM tonight at the WeHo Book Soup. Will Christopher Baer will also be promoting Phineas Poe.

You should be there, too. Really, you shouldn’t pass up a “wild night of amnesia, meth lab explosions, and the internal landscape of Hell’s Half Acre.”

Great reading. I enjoyed watching the audience squirm during Will Baer’s reading of Penny Dreadful. Craig’s reading was so compelling I started wondering when we’ll be treated to some podcasts (hint, hint). He had the entire room pretty well mesmerized throughout the Infamous Chapter 10.

Go check out Mike’s awesome photos of the event.

2 Responses to “Dermaphoria”

  1. sarah Says:

    hey lorna- so who is this craig person and what are his books about and should i pick one up?

    hope you are well

  2. lorna Says:

    hey sarah! so we never got to meet up in NO…. maybe in 2006?

    anyway, yes, you should definitely check out his books. dark and deeply analytical, if you like chuck palahniak you will probably like craig’s writing too. i’m about 2/3 of the way through dermaphoria right now, and i am really enjoying it.

    in another life, craig was a product manager at metacreations (remember metacreations?), but he escaped the world of software and now he’s a novelist. being a former software product manager who also recently escaped to follow a more creative path, i have very much enjoyed watching his success.

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