nerds bake cookies

“What kind of circle packing algorithm are you going to use tonight?”

“Right rectangular lattice.”

youtube is SO not ready for that video.

3 Responses to “nerds bake cookies”

  1. Noah Says:

    I’ve always been partial to the inward spiral method, myself. (Now there’s a book opportunity for someone – “what does your cookie-laying method *really* say about you?”)

  2. lorna Says:

    I make spirals when the cookies cool! I’m a hexagonal packer in the oven, though. Honeycombs and snowflakes can’t be wrong. The oven’s not big enough for the really interesting patterns, but you should see what I do to the dishwasher.

    We should totally write the cookie-pattern book. It should be a picture book for toddlers, too.

    “Sweetie, can you say ‘tesselation’?”

  3. Michael Says:

    Perhaps it was a square lattice, but I wasn’t willing to be so precise.

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